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Can someone please help rate the 800 series? I am confused between the N & S series. I am guessing Ds are the best? Also, where do the 683s stand? Would they always be classified lower than 800? Everytime I look at buying used speakers, I get stumped by the N & S and then never understand where does 683s stand. Also, are the 685s that popular that you never could find a used one? Sorry for the laundry list of Qs. Been a regular vistor of these forums and...
Will do. Wld be a while with all X'mas shopping/visitors etc. Thx! BTW, do you know of decent stores in Dallas where I could audition mid-range speakers (Best Buy audition is no good) Don't want high-end, like the 10k+ types. Much thx!
Thx! I feel like a complete 'tard now
Currently have a 5.1 set-up: - Front L, C, R and 2 Surround Back/rear speakers Just noticed last night that I had hooked-up my rear surround speakers cables into "Surround L & R" in back of receiver. Not sure who did it, anyways i moved them to Surround Back. Now, when i launch the MCAAC for a manual set-up (too lazy to hook-up mic and do auto-set-up), under Manual SP list i see the following options: 1. Front L, R and C set to "Small" - expected with satellite...
I keep hearing the buzz around the Focals and thought it may be best to audition. Anyone know of a dealer in Dallas, TX area? I like the way they look, hope they sound better than the 683s, CM9s. Anyone compare it with the B&Ws and Aperions? Also, what would be a good model for 1200+ 10' ceiling living room. Best soundstage though i understand teh space is too big. Much thx!
Sounds very encouraging. Thx KidHorn. Are the Rotel 985 mkii good? They are at 100W but very good price. Apparently have some THX certification too
I see a Rotel 985 mk2 for a good price on audiogon. It's rated at 100W per channel. Is that a good one? Also, apart from A4less any other sites i should look at for refurbs, used poweramps? Thx
And yes, it's a fairly large room. Honestly, it's close to 1500. Blessed to be able to afford it, but then ought to fill it with sound now ;-
Awesome! I can see Denon coming down in price Vs. Marantz. Will keep an eye on A4less etc.. Thx again!
THANK YOU runnin'. Sincerely appreciate your response. Will add Nad and Adcom to the list of amps. Once again, appreciate u taking the time to respond.
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