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Its a shame I had a more consistent picture with my dsl from att then I do with comcast. I wtached 3 hours of arrested development last night at 480 streaming for 80 percent of that 3 hour window. Not sure if it is comcast of netflix but I NEVER had that problem with my dsl. Every time I run a speed test I run 20 mbps so makes me wonder if netflix is overloaded or comcast is throttling. either way always got the 1080 hd stream with my 6 mbps dsl.
I don't know if terrible is the word I would use. Two years ago both Panasonic and Samsung had problems with their line ups (one had terrible buzzing the other had fluctuating brighteness). My LG PZ750, while honestly not having as good of picture as either one, was half the price and didn't have any annoying problems. The picture isn't terrible by any means (in fact the only problem was the blacks aren't as black as they should be) the color is however is pretty spot on....
I read this entire thread yesterday before work. When I was leaving for work there was an older gentleman with a VERY old T-shirt that read "Curtis Mathis. - I watch the Best!'. I chuckled to myself.
My parents bought pong when I was very young. We then had an atari when I was in elementry school. I bought an Nintendo with my paper route money when I was in 8th grade, I think my mom played it more than I did. Had the PS1 and played a bunch with my roommates at the time. Ps2 slim was bought for GTA SA and thats when I became a computer gamer. 39 years old still play occasionally on PC (buy about 5-6 games a year) undecided on if I will get a PS4 (I skipped the 360 and...
Wow that was good.
Any idea on prices for the 31" computer monitor?
I've been using a chinese made LCD monitor for almost 6 years now (the company is Hanns-G and they were almost unknown 6 years ago). It was a 1/3 of the price of similiar sized ( ~30") monitors at the time. It had no dead pixel when it shipped and has no pixels 6 years later. Granted the $1000+ dell and apple 30" displays have slighly better picture quality but for the size and resolution I got a steal of a deal.
If the price of this would come down just a couple hundred more (and assuming it doesn't weight 100 lbs) I would use this for my new computer monitor. As far as all the "extras" on the new TV's I honestly don't think it really is costing the manufactures that much to have all of those features. Maybe $100 max for the whole lot of 3D, apps and whatnot.
I was a prime member up until last year so I had free streaming from Amazon. Honestly if you think Netflix is lacking (quality) content you are going to be even more frustrated with Amazon. While it may have a few titles that are exclusive to Amazon most everything they have is also on Netflix. Also even with an excellent reliable internet connection it would buffer constantly (and unlike Netflix that will drop the quality for a few seconds while it buffers Amazon would...
rented this thru Comcast ondemand(I had a coupon for a free rental). It obviously isn't blu ray quality but there was a lot of pop out. It's been a year or so since I watched part one but I was huge fan of that movie for pop out. Worth it a watch for the effects. The story line is 100 percent geared toward kids nothing to even remotely keep adults entertained but visually very stunning.
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