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Please send me an email with your full name, email address, delivery and billing addresses, and phone number. I will call you to get cc info. I have you covered as of this reply for getting the $269 price, no worries. We should be shipping around the 24th and your card will not be charged until We ship. Looking forward to talking with you. I will be available after about 9PM tonight ECDST so you can call me if you wish or I will call you if you specify a time.i
I think it automatically switches to high lamp in 3D mode but I am not sure. Re selection of low lamp vs high, it will be dependent on 5 factors. Srcreen size, screen gain, throw distance, iris setting, and how many ft lamberts you need for a bright enough picture for you.
Grifo. Is this a two part question based on your use of the word worth? 1. Is the improvement caused bt the Darblet going into the Sony 1000ES worth it. Yes. I think. I use it and notice improvement though not as drastic as on a 1080p display. But noticeable and worth it to me. 2. Does the Darblet work with a Sony VPL-vw1000ES. Yes. See above. :)As long as its in a stream of 1080p 60 or lower resolution going into the Sony. It will not work on a resolution going into...
What he is saying is that you can't do it by pressing a button. You have to get out of your chair, get access to the projector, if it is hung from the ceiling, you may have to use a step ladder, and then zoom the lens, maybe lens shift, and maybe refocus, then go back yo your chair. This is worse case of course. But part of the joy in HT for many forum members is being annoyed by something in their systems and then bitching about it for all their forum friends to see. ...
Obviously, a more sophisticated version of the process would reduce artifacting due to such things a noise. Perhaps certain factors or whatever in the algs could be adjustable in the menue just as the modes and degree of processing (0 to 120) are now. I doubt Darbeevision would want to put classic 2D, 3D, block, mosquitp noise reduction in because those functions are performed in boradband processosr and in many displays.
MSRP om Sunday becomes $349 and resellerss must use that for their official advertised price. That means no dealer can put in print, and that includes on a Forum, Zamazon Fleabay etc, a lower adverised price. TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO ORDER AT $269. Delay, snooze, and you will not be happy camper . If you want to discuss or ask certain questions, just give us a call.
Well I do my Darblet processing in 1080p and my Sony VPL-vw1000ES shoots it out upscaled to 4HD or 4K if I want it to do so. There is a noticeable improvement with the Darblet in the chain. Nothing freally drastic, but better. A bit clearer and a bit sharper. Besides, it will be along time before 4K prices drop to mass affordability and the Darblet is an inexpensive way of noticeably improving clarity and detail on 720P and 1080p displays.
Yep. If you play games using a Play station oor Xbox, the Darbee will improve thing about an order of magnitude. HUGH improvement. No ifs, ands, or buts. Dramatic improvement.
If you stretch, lift weights, and eat right, you should not be soft. Mike is right on. The quality of using an anamorphic is dependent vertically almost entirely on the vertical scaling, horizontal on the quality of the lens. Buy an great processsor like the Radiance Mini, and a good anamorphic lens, and set it up right, at the right throw, the A lens close to the primary, and tilted at the right andle and you should get a great non soft picture with some minimum...
Everthing has issues. No matter what one picks, if you are a trained issue spotter, you will find them. Everything depends on your sensitivity to a particular issue.If you are able to observe an issue, then you musy decide, does X projector have the net positive sum gain without a game disqualifier issue. I own a great projector, the Sony VPL-vw1000ES. It has issues but to me the positives outweigh the issues substantially and the issues I see are not deal breakers. The...
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