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Please give me a call. Thanks
I think a slogan I am picking up here is "An angular reflective screen with a gain higher than 1.0 is not a screen, its a concave mirror regardless whether its curved or not." Of course, I could come up with a negative slogan about the HP2.4 too but I am too modest, way too modest, to show off here and I am scared for my safety given the number of HP fanatics on the AV Science forum.
My autograph is already worth quite a bit especially if the check I sign with it is big. Take the check this month for my Am Ex bill which has the cost of my Sony 1000ES on it. Scary. I am going to bed. We will continue this serious and important discussion tomorrow.
If you will accept an open box unit, opened by Darbeevision at the show to install the latest software, give us a call. You will save a few bucks and we can ship it out tomorrow. We have at least one open box available and maybe two, so don't snooze or you could lose. We sold four open box units on Thursday.
Please understand that you are significantly below the recommended minimum throw for that material of 1.5 times the screen width would be the minimum in popular opinion and 1.7 or 1.8 would be better. At that throw, the screen will hotspot. If you put up a white field you will see the brightness will not appear uniform with areas, especially the center, when viewed from center will look bright. You might get some sparkeling also. Its livable I would think but don't blame...
I'll come for the turn on and testing and will bring my 1000ES and a big can of black paint to darken the walls surrrounding your torch mode screen. You arr going to see a big jump in contrast when we spend $20 on some flat black paint.
You should give us a call. Its clear that you don't have much light control. Will sunlight hit the screen sometime? The beige walls and white ceiling may make a screen using other than Studeotec 130 a much better option. Room dimensions would help. Your seating distance would support a 1.78 screen of about 80 x 142.4. With a 2.40 aspect ratio screen, the screen dimensions for the 1.78 size fitting within the 2.4 changes and I need to calculate the angles before making a...
If that's you on the left side or your picture, I would agree. The thing on the right, to me, sort of looks like a weathered box. Whatever.
Its improved by using an optically better (flatter and more transmissive eshift element), and by better pixel sampling and using a much wider bandwidth, to sample and adjust the entire range light frequencies, and better algs with increased processing horse power to crunch the numbers.
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