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We'll see it's directly below a wall above it.
I went to home depot this morning before Church to get romex and left with a bunch of tools and no romex .... I did get my goals for the day completed after Church projector mount mounted: insulation started: First piece of dry wall up: Can light close up...no real reason I tell you what, hanging dry wall by yourself on a ceiling sucks!
Seems like the cost of the minidsp + nu3000 would be about the same as the nu3000DSP. If you get the balanced version of the minidsp be prepared to make some cables. the unbalanced is much simpler but only offers the use of RCA inputs and output is unbalanced as well. If you do go with the mini dsp make sure you get the version that best matches your other equipment. I'm happy with my miniDSP for sure, I don't regret getting it over the amp with DSP, I have slight boosts...
I spent a good day today working in the basement! I started with just taking pictures of the cabinet in place and the back of the room: Then I did a quick inventory of what I had to do today: Run 2 x 20 amp circuits bit for getting cable through wood Proceeded to running the 10 awg romex (sp?) Connected the circuits and tested IT WORKS! Then built wall with door way and rack location Ran HDMI cable for projector Began running speaker...
The only reason I went with the mini DSP was because the built in DSP doesn't allow you to do anything below 20Hz, if you're not looking for sub 20Hz I'd just get the NU3000DSP
I don't think the box size for 8 3 cubic foot boxes is the same as 1 of those 24" :P
Latest investment from craigslist: Equipment rack that I plan on imbedding in the wall on the left about where the pocket door is currently:
I found a new way to cause a heart to skip a beat.... Listen to music on your new $2k subs....hear a loud pop and everything shuts off..... stupid cat flipped the switch off that goes to the outlet the amps are currently plugged in to. stupid cat
Here are a couple pictures of where I'm at down there, the inner wall by the furnace was about a foot further out, but I moved it to be roughly 10" wider in the room. Nevermind the weightbench in the middle, can't find the darn tool to take it apart. near the screen will be a pocket door that goes to another room that will house the amps/dsp and the bathroom is on the other side. Behind where I took the pictures is another room I'm working on that as of yet has no...
Dang you are quick, you've done more in a couple months than I have in 7 years! lol Looks nice man!
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