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I may just pre-order one for launch anyway. There's no way I'm buying a PS4/Nextbox at launch. Nintendo has a way better history of building solid machines. Wii U will tide me over a year or so while MS and Sony iron their kinks out.
THANK YOU! I was trying to remember the name of this for days, for some reason it would not come to me. Have to check it out now.
Well, High Moon did right by Transformers so who knows. Maybe they'll pull it off.
Agreed, it was a "cool" (get it? ) game but I found getting knocked on my ass/stumbling around and unable to move very annoying. It happened pretty frequently too during heavy action.
Glad I waited. Wish there was an all black model rather than just the red and blues.
Mine! Mine! Mine!
Haven't played it in a while, but I replaced the pin connector not long ago and it works like a charm
Saw it once in theaters, not really big on seeing it again. Worth catching on blu though if you missed it. The truck/boat chase scene is pretty slick.
It's been discussed to death over the years about which film is better - Alien or Aliens. I think it comes down to preference, however: whether you like slower paced, horror/thriller science fiction, or action-oriented sci fi (which I feel Aliens is a masterpiece of). I prefer the original Alien as well, but mostly because I enjoy tense movies more. The bravado of the Marines (which is intentional, like you said) fits with the movie. Sigourney Weaver, Lance Henriksson,...
A lot of it probably has to do with the fact that the original Mass Effect is a 360 exclusive. Jumping onto 2 on PS3, you miss a LOT of the story. And with a franchise like this, that's a big deal.
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