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The only film out of the Quadrilogy I'd classify as horror would be Alien. Argument could be made for Alien 3.
Ho-lee crap. A Rocksteady TMNT game . . . I don't think the world is ready.
It's mainly due to the fact that the default male Shep is the "real" Shepard, if you know what I mean. He's been the face of ME from the start.
Approximately 11 days to release. I'm hung up on when to buy the game, however. Day of release, or wait for a price drop?? Being a fan of the series doesn't help much :/ BB has Dampierre but he'll probably be released as DLC later on anyway.
Thought of that too, but it's not the problem. Sometimes it's the most simple things which aren't quite obvious all the same.
Thanks Slordak. I kinda had an idea it might be something like configuring inputs. But like I said, and it's weird, it works if the 360 is set on an SD resolution. I'll give your suggestions a shot!
Hey guys, I have an older-model 360 (a "fat" with no HDMI out). Used to have it connected to my TV with the component video and optical out to receiver. Recently I upgraded my setup and installed a Yamaha RX-V571. Connected to 360 to it's first component/optical AV slot. Problem is, I'm getting sound but no video through the receiver. Switching the component cable from "HDTV" to "TV" (yes, the Xbox is that old) gives me output, but at an obviously crappy...
I've had an LSP-10 for about a month or so now in my 12x18 room. It fills that space pretty well, but I also placed it close to the couch to get a better effect. I'm pretty pleased with it's performance, although I'll likely upgrade once I move out of my apartment into my own place. For now though, it performs and sounds great.
I ordered the S426 set from Costco.ca on Boxing Day. Set it up this weekend (with my new receiver) and played around with it a bit - some games, movies. I know they're not exactly "top of the line" speakers, but for the money it seems they're great value. Plus I previously had a pretty crappy HTIB, so the difference is night and day. The S426 set will more than suit me until I move out of my apartment/save up for something better. I just needed an upgrade badly.
I agree, but Mr. Holm is a bit too old to play Bilbo at his age in The Hobbit. I know he lived to be eleventy-one, but this is 60 years before LOTR. Too much makeup/CG would ruin the look of the character.
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