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Okay here are some pics. House is a mess. LOL
I only have the center hooked up right now. I need to buy 100 more feet of flat wire. I just opened the box yesterday. :P But sure I'll get some pics of them not erm hooked up. hehe
I just bought some polks to replace my center and 2 surrounds. I'm loving the sound quality. I'm very happy with my purchase of Polks! F/XI A6 CSI A6
Thank you guys for responding! You all gave me some good ideas.
Hello! My husband and I want to buy his parents a home theater set up that is good for both movies and music with an ipod connection. Our budget is $2000 or less. Erm less is better. :P But I still want it to be mid range quality. They are not audophiles and anything will actually be an upgrade from the TV speakers they are currently using. There living room is about 22 x 30 with carpeting and lots of windows. Looking to buy speakers and AV receiver. No preference for...
Thanks guys!
When I bought the first few, I was on a very very strict budget as I had just bought the Receiver and a huge TV and purchased it before coming to this site and finding out that speakers were the most important part. So I just bought what I could afford at the time. I don't have a preference to type i.e. floor standing, bookshelf or wall mounted. The location is good for any of them. So would you recommend just buying some lower end and eventually upgrade the first 3?
Hi! I'm looking to add speakers to my existing sound system. Currently I have a Denon AVR 2112 receiver BIC America F12 12-Inch 475-Watt Bic America Dv64 6.5 Tower Speaker x 2 BIC America DV-62CLRS 6-Inch 2-Way Center Channel Speaker I want to add suround speakers x 4. The room is 20 x 27 with vaulted ceiling. Budget
Thank you so much!!!! That did the trick. Sounds awesome now.
Not sure if this is meant for me, but I followed the following directions in this guide step by step before posting:This fixed the SW to work with my movies. It is still not working when I am listening to music on the tuner.
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