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Mine is just resting on a shelf below the TV, however yes I believe mounting it would be as easy as it should be. This image lays out fairly well the mounting positions on the speaker I don't know the spacing between the two mount points, but I would imagine that they are spaced the same width as studs would be spaced -- the total weight is just under 40 pounds.
I have only spent a small amount of time looking into this but I haven't found any notions of an expansion cable or wireless solution in the works, I also don't know what the connection type actually is and if it's really proprietary to the PS4. I'm thinking I need to send an email to Sony or just wait until enough others notice this issues to see if there's any solutions.
From what I read the cable is 2m and of some ps4 auxiliary type, any options for some sort of long cable run or wireless solution?
FYI I spoke with Sewell support regarding the Dual Band InjectIR and they have said it's not directly compatible with the IR Blaster but can work in tandem with it:
Hmm interesting, I didn't know they came out with that. I know for the single-band version you have to do some hacking to get it to work, here's the response from their support team when I emailed them awhile ago:I'm guessing that since the new one is dual-band it would work fine with the BlastIR (SW-29311) which is the one I have. I did end up buying the PowerMid though and that is working great, the receiver (the one that re-transmits the signal and receives it from...
I think one of my main assumptions is that the powermid blaster will perform better than the RF to IR blaster, so I was going to just point the blaster that comes with the Harmony at the powermid to easily keep the setup I have working. I put together a little diagram with my limited Powerpoint skills, this should better explain what I'm looking to accomplish. I am now thinking I might possibly need a 2nd powermid emitter if I can't get it to work with just one. I am...
Ultimately I'd like a complete RF solution, so assuming the Powermid's work to receive IR and transmit to my equipment, then I would eventually purchase an RF Remote package like the Harmony Ultimate; the Ultimate comes with it's own RF to IR kit and I would simply point that at the Powermid receiver.
I was thinking of something like the Harmony Ultimate which includes its own RF to IR station, then just placing its IR emitter in line of site to the Powermid. I like the idea of the URC remotes though not sure if I like the style of the remotes so much; for that matter I'm not a huge fan of the Ultimate's layout either but I like the app support it has. I'm also considering just the basic version so that I can have the app support and a simple remote if needed.
Thanks for following me around and answering all my questions haha, I owe you a beer if you're ever in Seattle. Thanks
Awesome thank you for the response, I am going to pull the trigger on that purchase. In the future I would like to upgrade to an RF remote, and I'm hoping I can just modify my setup by placing the RF to IR emitter that would come with the remote next to the Powermid receiver, not sure if there would be too much converting going on though.
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