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I have Disney WOW 2-disc blu-ray version for sale..used only once. If interested please PM me...I reside in CA bay area.
Otherwise I have to bump up the volume close to 0db to get that effect.
Is it true for volume under 0db? I thought you need to have at least DAY setting if you are listening under 0db to enhance the audio, right?
Actually, I don't want to keep peaks down and this is what I am struggling to do with Audyssey and DYN vol. I just saw DRC was enabled on both BR player and receiver. I have disabled it now and hope it solves my problem
Ok, got it. Basically we shouldn't enable DRC if Dyn vol is ON, right? Although I didn't notice much difference either way, I guess turning it off makes sense
That's what thought...I was confused why do we want to compress anything more which is already being addressed by DYN EQ which handles dynamic range in the loudness.
What is recommended settings for DRC?? I have this setting on both my blu-ray player and 2112ci. I have DYN EQ and Vol. turned in. Will enabling DRC affect any of these? What should be this set to on both devices?
Thanks...I got it now. Somehow I missed >>Download
How do you download samples from this site? If I click on the part #s of the file I want to download, it saying me to use download manager...I tried to do that but still its not working.
Does anyone what are idle cross over settings for T205 systems. My LFE is set to 120Hz. Audyssey calibrated my front 305s to 120Hz and rear 105s to 150Hz. Is this right? Somehow I feel like I don't get enough tight bass from my T2 sub. Any recommendations? I am using Denon 2112 with this system.
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