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I'll try my Laptops BluRay player tonight.
I really enjoyed this movie! But I am a Sci-fi junkie. I really felt that this movie had a great mix of emotion and action. Well done! And, at least the DVD version is a true reference disk. I cannot wait to get the Blu-Ray to play! Now for the bad news.... The Blu-ray will not play in my Sony BDP-CX960 or my Sony PS3, both with their latest firmware. After the menus it just goes black. Anyone have any ideas or updates on this issue, sounds like many are having this...
I am running 9.2 and am learning how to use all the features of this AWESOME reciever. It does upconvert and make ALL video sources look much better! It does make my Panasonic TH-58PZ800U look like a new plasma. Altough I am having a little trouble when it upconverts from my Sony DVP-DX777es's connected through an Escient DVDM-100, The picture is displayed smaller than normal but the TV reports that it is coming through at 1080P. Got to figure that one out soon... But...
New Posts  All Forums: