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I mis-spoke the first time. I actually have 5 sets of speakers and 4 A-KP2 connectors. I can easily tell where 4 of the five sets are connected because there is some sound coming out of at least one speaker. The fifth set has nothing, so I have no idea which faceplate controls it. The CAT-5 that I replaced, I guess would actually be the CAT-5 Patch cable. It is the one that goes from the hub into the wall. There is a CAT-5 cable for each controller on the A-H4P and they...
speakers are not blown. I'm all out of ideas.
Oooh. I can ohm out the actual speaker...much safer. Think I'll try that.
Okay, so I found a stereo RCA cable in my husband's nest of "cables we may someday need." The sound out of the speaker that was working was definitely sounding better, but the same speakers that were not working before are still not working. I pulled off some more interfaces around the house, and found out that it wasn't the same side speakers that were or were not working in every set. Unfortunately, I do not have analog CD players or stereos anymore, but I did attach the...
I will also try the single pair of speakers. If they are shut off at the interface, does that count, or do I need to manually disconnect them from the system?
Thank you for responding. We are using a cable that we got with the dock. It plugs into the Ipod out and dock output, but there are three RCA cables. We only plugged in the red and white ones, and left the yellow out. Do you think that could be the problem? I found the mini-stereo RCA jack on the internet. It's cheap, so I would definitely try it. Thanks again.
Hello all! My husband and I just bought a house that already has the A-Bus sound system installed with 3 A-KP2 interfaces, and an A-H1 hub. There are 5 sets of speakers. We hooked it up to my ipod dock, and it seems only one speaker from each set is working. 3 of the five sets have one speaker working, but is barely audible. Two of the sets (operated by different interfaces) have one speaker working well. I am assuming this system was installed by the builder, since there...
New Posts  All Forums: