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Of the wife or the broken stuff that fell of a shelf?
Yes, its defeated very easily using a menu on the front panel (no dip switches). I have one and I'm a big fan: mine runs a 2 ohm load for hours without the fans running hard.
I've got my crown pro amp hooked up to a light switch that is there to control a plug socket. It's only an xls1000 so not too concerned, works great for us! Flip the switch for bass...
I have a pair of these (1262w, wired for 2 ohm) in two sealed 1.25 cubes, one per cabinet. very happy with them, driven well past rated specs regularly with a Crown XLS 1000 pro amp. Of course it's no LMS, but each cab cost under $100 all in...
By the way, I figured 0.25 for the driver, and put mine in 1.25 cubes each. I really should post pics, but they're naked MDF right now....
I'm listening to a pair of 1262w right now, for the price they can't be beaten. I'm running them 2ohm, 550w each and they're rock solid. Not a huge amount below 30hz, but I expected that in a pair of small sealed cabinets. WAF is high...
If it helps, I run my Denon 1712 pre-out to a Crown XLS 1000 and can clip the amp with no problems - i.e. driving it full power. Input sensitivity of the Berry should be similar.
I'm an empirical kind of guy. I'll just keep on clipping the amp and see how the drivers fare. I have a pair of subs, and you can always draw a straight line through two data points, so it'll be statistically robust. Joking aside, has anyone measured the shape of the signal at low frequencies for amps which claim to offer soft clip protection?
Thanks for the replies. It's rare that I clip the amp just during regular music or movie viewing. I try and make sure my gain structure limits it, but sometimes you've got to find out what a clip sounds like at war volume. To Bill's point, it doesn't sound great either. The amp doesn't get hot - it's rare that the fan even comes on.
Ha, a fair point. They are a pair of infinity drivers that cost me $67 each. I'd be upset at destroying them, but much less so than if they cost $400 each. The cheapness makes me less cautious, or at least more experimental, I think it'd be fair to say.
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