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thanks for all of you
Hi all, did any one face same issue with Optoma HDHD25 LV , as i can't see any image, it is starting blured and then disappear and lots of vertical lines and then no image at all but sound of fan and sound of source is working only no image, i tired to change cables and change source but no way  
i want to add speakers for my Denon 3313 , i'm thinking of Acoustimass® 10 speaker system as 5.1 and i'm thinking to use bose 301 extra to upgrade it to 7.1 what is your opinions and recomindations
yes it has HDMI and working fine in 3D with windows boot up
I Had the same issue with Mac mini 2011 , it seems all apple product doesn't support 3Dbut after alot of search i found it is a soft ware issue not hard ware,the only solution succeed with me is to add windows 7 with boot camp and it will work with windows when you restart your mac with windows now im using my mac mini with dual bootmacintioch boot for normal 2d and windows boot for 3d.
Thank you for replay, does this paint can be used to my wall celling mount white screen from anchor ?
Is there any option or any kind of spray you recommend to apply to my white screen to turn it to silver screen,sorry for my question if it is not professionally because I'm just a user not 3d professional, i don't mind to buy it with this price 1500 as long as it will work with my optoma HD33as passive projector, if the quailty will be good and do you know if it will work with any passive glasses like the one in the theatre ?
Did you hear about the new product from a new company " volfoni " smartcrystal pro which turn your active 3d projector to passive 3d projector, but you will need to a silver screen, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQjrpOcISnQ http://www.volfoni.com/smartcrystal-tm-pro.html   we need your opinion for this new product
how to get this 3d mode, if you mean by pressing 3d bottom this what i did but the sbs option was now avilable to activate it if there isanother way, kindly help me with it. Thanks
Can someone helpe me,i have an optoma hd33 and 3d is working fine with my wd player but i changed my player to the new mac mini 2011 and every thing work except 3d as when i try to press 3d button it is not showing 3d option and the picture still side by side, i tried to change display on mac mini to different resolution but now way.
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