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Getting ready to pull the trigger on a soundbar for the living room. Samsung HDTV (less than a yeat old, directly connected to CAT5) DirecTV DVR, HD Samsung Blu-Ray player Thinking of the Samsung HW-E450C. Only negative items I've read are regarding getting the DirecTV remote to adjust the volume. Wouldn't be the end of the world if I had to use the TV remote, need to use it now to go to DVD's, Netflix, etc Opinions of the fans in the stands? Jeff
We have the Samsung LED TV in the living room - needless to say the on board speakers "leave a bit to be desired". Not looking for anything spectacular (have a decent setup in the basement), but would like a bit more quality. Are any of the Samsung soundbars (with sub) worth considering? Already have a BluRay player (also Samsung) so I'm down to (2) remotes (Samsung TV remote and DirecTV), would be nice not to have another one out to misplace.
Probably something simple - but... Just moved (actually been moving stuff for a month it seems). AV-1910 is finally in it's new home, HDMI cables to the TV, PS3 and HD DVR. No speakers cabled yet. It doesn't appear to be switching the HDMI (no output to the TV - connecting either the PS3 or HD DVR gets me picture and sound. Haven't got to the box with the manual yet, but have (2) ideas. 1. It needs speakers connected 2. It "defaulted" to a mode other than...
New Posts  All Forums: