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Did you make a decision yet on surrounds?
The X4000 is very comparable to the 4311 I have. It does great with 4ohm and has a section in the menu where you can select 4ohm. The owners manual says to select 4ohm even if just 1 speaker is 4ohm rated. I've had a SC-37, SC-57, and 4311 they all drive 4ohm without any problem.
Yes. I have a 4311 and use RCA cables. It is not the amp. A simple $1.25 3 to 2 prong adapter (cheater plug) completely eliminates the hum. The XPA-3 and XPA - 2 I have Hum too.I love my D-sonic amp. It is the Best total package amp I have owned. I Plan on being buried with it. (maybe in a 215RT coffin )Chris
Crown XLS series (1500 and up) are excellent amps for the price.
Amps that come with gain adjustments seam to have less hum issues then the ones without. The Crown XLS2000 is the only powerful amp I have owned that I could control the level of the hum. I think if my D-sonic had a gain knob I could control the hum much better. After 3 years the Cheater plug has become like a family member to me, I Do not like it but I accept that I have to tolerate it. Chris
Unbalanced (rca) to balanced (xlr) = UnbalancedIt only works when its XLR to XLR or balanced to balanced. XLR cables will always be the preferred method b/c of "common mode noise rejection". RCA is used when XLR is not an option but it comes at the cost of fighting a hum.RCA cables and an amp almost always = humming issues if the ground is not lifted. My D-sonic hums like a bitch without the 3 to 2 prong adapter.Read this...
^^^this is correct. Safety hazards aside removing the ground should remove the hum. A lot who have purchased this amp just took a pair of pliers and pulled off the round ground prong on the amp's power chord. Once its removed it cannot be put back but I think this amp came with 2 power chords anyway. This amp is Sweet. There had to be a reason for them selling it for $999 b/c we all know its value is more than that. I would imagine they got tired of all the technical...
This is a 20 to 15 adapter. It still has the ground on the 15 amp side. Pop that ground plug out and it will be a cheater plug. A cheater plug has no ground on it.Chris
Sometimes with amps Audyssey reads a phase issue. Check make sure the speaker wires are plugged in correct polarity with the wires not touching and ignore it if it is. The phase issue tends to work itself out. I have experienced it with both Audyssey and MCACC.
Sounds like your amp gain is to low. +8 LR and +1 C with the amp is very high. I would imagine that your 4311 sets the channel levels much lower. This would mean your getting more power from your AVR then amp. Chris
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