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Hi All, I need a new universal remote to control my updated system. I had Logitech but it cannot do the job. Here is my system: BTX Drapery Control System Lutron Lighting Control Denon 7,1 3D Receiver M&K 7.1 Speakers Panasonic Blu-Ray 3D DVD Player Sony DVD Player (Only used for playing Intro) Jamo Transducer Panamax Power Conditioner Panasonic AE7000 U 3D Projector I need to be able to turn the PJ on, let it go thru its Start Up, simultaneously start up Sony DVD...
I just got my PT AE 7000U and have not found a way to register it on the Panny website. Does anybody know if there is something wrong with their website or if there is a special site to register? Thanks Jim
Thanks for the suggestion. Any thoughts on what wattage I should be considering?
Just purchased a Panasonic AE7000U, 8 pairs glasses, new ceiling mount, and 50 ft HDMI cable. I am replacing a Sharp 9000. I need to replace my existing Pioneer Elite 7.1 receiver since it is not 3D ready or HDMI. I also have a Panasonic 3D Blu Ray and a Sharp DVD just for intros. My speakers are M&K and I have a transducer in my raised rear platform. Room is 14x21. Any ideas for a new receiver? Thanks Jim
Thanks. I'll try it again. Jim
I just replaced the Lamp in my 9000 and after plugging the PJ back and pressing the on/reset buttons the 2 red lights came on. However I am still not able to actually turn the PJ ON. Any ideas what's wrong? Thanks
I burned photo DVD w/Music on Laptop and it plays fine, but my BD310 refuses to recognize the format. Any ideas on what I can do? Thanks
I have a Sharp 9000. If I buy another Roku is there a way to set it up with my my HT? Thanks
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