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Yes with every setting doesnt matter the last firmware is a clear issue, i had on my return D550 and when i visited him i clearly see the brightness pops but the users of samsung in this forum keep saying: I dont watch any brightness pops and bla bla bla and samsung never will do anything to fix, not en d, e and f series, i highly doubt they do something on h series because sammy boys think this is normal, that never happens in my GT50, never, period. I told him: one time...
Yes, all are junk even the brightness pop festival F8500 My cousin return 1 for the pops issue
Whiter than white
No more plasma, i will wait for OLED or a FALD LCD/LED 4K 75 Now time to watch my GT50
It will be H8500 or H8000...The "G" is like some free advertisement for another south korean brand...
Please GMtheBest if you found the file, post the number of the file
Me too My favorite is GT50 second VT50 and for great bright room performance F8500.
SAMSUNG KES9C 55" OLED TV Review by Vincent Teoh of HDTV Test UK: http://www.hdtvtest.co.uk/news/ke55s9c-201310273395.htm
Keep waiting a "worthy upgrade" for your Kuro will be an OLED.
55 inches flat and curve...when i first read 89" uhd OLED i though finally a bigger screen but not was another s9
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