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Thanks for the reply. I've got a Pioneer Elite TV that almost requires TVGOS to operate which in itself is ridiculous but every time TVGOS signal is down the TV randomly shuts off with 12 flashes of the Led. When it has TVGOS it will run flawlessly for years with NO issues. I'll just try to figure out a way to turn off TV Guide on the Elite.Thanks,John
Jeff, Do you have a contact at WHIO to inquire about the TVGOS signal or lack of? Thanks, John
I just checked and your correct no TvGos. Is there someone we can alert? I'm sure they must know it is out.................
Noticed tonight that TVGOS is gone. Does anyone know who we can contact to let them know about this issue?Thanks,John
Performed factory reset on my Oppo 83 SE and turned off BD Live, cleared Persistent Memory and the unit would not play Contagion. Just "Locked Up" and I had to hold the power off button then ejected the disc.Played the same disc in my PS3 with NO issues. Called Oppo and they said they are aware of the issue.Why pay a premium for this deck if it's not going to be able to play newly released discs.John
Anyone else having trouble playing "Contagion"? Displays all zeros and appears to be locked up..... Thanks John
A big shout of "Thanks" to WHIO for finally broadcasting the TVGOS signal. My Pioneer Elite is finally happy! I can't believe any manufacturer would integrate a parallel process (TVGOS) into there communication buss that when not available it shuts the TV off All is well again until the next interruption of service. Thanks again WHIO! John
After many emails to WHIO Engineering and getting NO replies, I've given up on WHIO streaming the Tvgos signal and have reprogrammed my Pioneer Elite to not use the interactive guide. The lack of the Tvgos signal causes Pioneer Tv's to turn-off randomly with a "communications" error (12 flashes from blue led). By re-programing the Pioneer to not use this guide I'm hoping the random turn-offs will cease.WHIO can do whatever they want as they own the station that broadcast...
Is TVGOS gone for good? Any info would be helpful............. Thanks, John & Others
Please help! All we want is information regarding the TVGOS situation. John
New Posts  All Forums: