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Re-scanned last night and now have 16.1 through 16.5 with no issues. Currently watching 16.1. John
Who must I contact to have the DTv guide updated to 16.1 vs. 16.6? Thanks, John
Did Channel 16 change HD from 16.6 to 16.1? Anyone with DTv (HR20-xxx) know how to get channel 16.1? I did a rescan but it was unable to pick up Channel 16.1 which I assume is a guide data issue. Any other DTv users having the same issue? John
Something had to change this week with WHIO as also lost the signal through my DirecTv HR20-100 DVR. I re-scanned this morning and now I can receive 7.1 but not 7.2. Is this a WHIO problem or a DTv issue? Thanks, John
Whoever has contacts at channel 16 send them my thanks for fixing the Tv Guide issue as all is well on my Elite................... Thanks PBS 16! John
Thanks for the response! If I remember correctly they had the same part fail last year. I hope they get it fixed this week as I miss having the guide at my finger tips. When I change channels the "info" shown on the screen is current so I know it is getting something just no listings.Thanks for the info but I have an attic mounted antenna that is manually pointed towards Dayton. It does a great job of receiving all the local channels. In the beginning of HD I had it...
Hook up rabbit ears and receive in HD.............................(for FREE) I'm still having issues with the Tv Guide on my Elite and was wondering if anyone had an engineering contact at PBS channel 16? Thanks, John
[quote=dtv insider;14735330]Thanks for the quick response!I thought the Tv Guide was a gimmick when I bought the Tv but after using it for almost a year it is really convenient to just hit a button and have all the local channel info at my finger tips.Do you know if the station plans on repairing the unit? If so do you know how long the system will be down?Thanks again for your support,John
Lost the TV Guide info on my Pioneer Elite the other night and was wondering if anyone knows if the station is not broadcasting the "guide" info? Been working for months with no issues until this week. Any info would be greatly appreciated. John
I've called four times and I always get a new and different story Called last night and was told one of my cards was sent out on March 25th and the other on May 10th for which I replied that I never received either. Representative told me they must have been lost in the mail.....but wait it gets better , as I explained to her that one of her counterparts told me just '2' weeks ago that my cards had not been sent out yet as I was on a second list that required...
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