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Tim, You must use a program such as image burn or Nero to burn an "IMAGE", not just copy the file. Search for post on how to burn an "IMAGE" file to CD. BTW, slow the burn down to ensure 100% error free burn. John
Several weeks ago Robert said FW 2.1 would be released in several days and now it has been several weeks and no update. What gives? John
The analog out provides the "best" sound option as it processes all the codecs including Dolby TrueHD which the optical out cannot pass (but can be output by HDMI). John
My A1 plays everything I put into it which includes -R's, +R's and also DL's. John
My unit works flawlessly on every backup movie I've tried to watch. My HD-A1 takes about 30 seconds to initialize when I first turn it on. It does take about 15 seconds to load a DVD but after that it opens and closes the tray door just like any other DVD player. Your unit has a problem that requires service. Maybe BB will replace it with the A2. John
Just picked up an open box A1 at my local BB for 299 plus a 40 dollar gift card. Everything is working flawlessly. Updated unit to 2.0 FW without a hitch......what a deal! Was debating on buying the XA2 for analog output but this deal made my decision for me. King Kong is awesome! John
Will the HD-A2, HD-XA2 upconvert SD DVD's utilizing components output if there is no copy protection on the SD DVD? The HD-A1 would upconvert to 1080i as long as the copy protection was removed from the SD DVD and I want to make sure the A2, XA2 will do the same thing before I buy one.....anyone? Thanks, John
HD is ON!
Their both managed by the same company! Nuff said, John
I just called and the gentleman ask me the same question....45.1 or 30.1? I told him it didn't make a difference and he also said they had an engineer coming in to look at the problem. John
New Posts  All Forums: