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Is there a problem with channel 2's broadcast? I noticed last night and again this morning that the picture was not centered top to bottom. I know it is NOT my problem as channel 9 (and all others) was ok. What's up? John
I live in Xenia and I've recently noticed a drop in signal quality from channel 12. Anyone else seeing this? If so what happened? I checked my signal from channel 5 and it is rock solid which was the case with channel 12. Thanks, John
I was one of the first to own Sony's first and only HD Sat receiver and I must say I'm still very satisfied with it's performance. Sure it had several problems in the beginning, as does every new receiver released today 3 or 4 generations later, but Sony patched those problems and I'm a very happy consumer. I purchased the HD-200 when it first came out and was surprised to find I had lock-ups, no RF remote, no recording capability and audio dropouts all of which I...
If you all remember the HD-200 had the same audio drop out problem when it was released last year. I purchased several units (HD-200's) and returned them because of the audio drop out problems. They eventually patched the software to help eliminate this anomaly but I'm not sure they (LG) ever really eliminated it. Say what you will but the Sony built HD-100 I currently use has never had an audio drop out problem, the unit has NEVER locked or froze and has NEVER...
I watched this game from two different stations and both had a horrible picture during transition scenes. The picture was great most of the time especially when there was little movement but when the cameras were transitioning from one shot to another my picture was terrible! Did others experience this or is it just me? I can't believe no one has commented on this broadcast positive or negative. John
Jeff, I notice the same thing I just thought it was my equipment. Thanks for bring this out as I just assumed my HD100 was having problems. It appears as a "flash" every once in a while which was not there prior to their tube ect. problems. Thanks, John
Thanks for everyone's support! Paul210....I did read the thread and I did notice DrDon's comment that WXIX was 'UP' but I do NOT see a signal on my rigg so that is why I asked again. Thanks to the rest of the AVS members for their great support as usual! John
I lost channel 19 (DT-29) over the weekend or early in the week I can't remember but I was wondering is the station NOT broadcasting as I pickup other Cincinnati stations with NO problems? Thanks for you reply John
Jeff, I adjusted the antenna ever so slightly towards Cincy but not very much as I do not want to effect my Dayton reception. Murphy's law has it as WLWT comes in near 100% tonight on the digital receiver....I did take a line from the digital receiver into the attic so I could adjust the digital signal not the analog. I'll just see how it goes and live with what I get! Thanks for your help! John
Jeff, I appreciate your help the thing that frustrates me is I watched DT-35 all weekend without a single problem. Now the signal bounces like a ball. I'm going into the attic to adjust the antenna but what bothers me is channel 12 and 19 are rock solid so I'm not sure what kind of adjustment to make? Thanks Everyone, John
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