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Antenna is in the attic. I watched it all day Saturday / Sunday with 100% signal but today it is really wierd. I receive DT-29 / DT-31 at 90% with NO problems.....Oh well that's the way it goes with HD. Thanks, John
I can't seem to get WLWT tonight! It was fine over the weekend....Is anyone else having problems? When I view my signal strength meter it goes from 100% to 0% never being able to lock onto the signal. I receive DT-29 and DT-35 just fine! Is it me or is the station having problems? Thanks, John
Right after I posted the message above I went downstairs and the end of George Lopez was now in HD. Maybe my phone call made a difference....Who knows and who cares as HD is up and I love it! John
Jeff, I'm not receiving WDTN in HD are you? I called the station and spoke with someone in the News room but he was clueless. John
Jeff, I'm new to this thread but a long time HD fanatic. I'm curious about channel 45's digital signal. Have they ever broadcast in Fox Widescreen? Do you know when if ever they will broadcast a HD signal? Thanks for your knowledge! John
Dirac, I live in Xenia and have a channel master 8 bay UHF antenna permanently mounted in the attic pointed at Cincinnati and I receive all the Cincinnati stations except channel 9 (ABC) and all the Dayton stations. I receive all the Dayton stations at 100% signal strength. John
Nitewatchman, I'll move to that thread but I wanted to let you know I just watched Frazier on WKEF (51.1) and it looked great in HD! Thanks, John
Nitewatchman, It has been several weeks since WDTN has broadcast anything in HD. I've written emails to Jim Atkinson (CE) and he has answered everyone. I missed MNF because they broadcast in SD and he (Jim) assured me it would be "fixed" on Tuesday. It's Wednesday and still no HD......which makes me begin to question my equipment. Can you receive WDTN (Dayton) in HD this evening? Thanks, John
Is anyone receiving the game from channel '2' in Dayton, OH? The game is being broadcast in SD.....What a bummer! John
I called D* and spoke with Laticia to add the HD package. She spent an enormous amount of time looking at my account and told me I didn't have HD but she could add it if I had the necessary equipment. She said the service was "free"! I told her I've had HD (I receive HBO / Show) for years as indicated by my bill and I confirmed with there automated system prior to speaking with her so I know it is on my account. I begged her NOT to change anything on my account as...
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