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Hello friends I read in the german sony forum a guy wrote sony hw50es popout(in 3d) performance is not very good, what do u think about that? quote: http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?act=url&depth=1&hl=tr&ie=UTF8&prev=_t&rurl=translate.google.com.tr&sl=de&tl=en&u=http://www.sony.com.tr/discussions/message/1033295&usg=ALkJrhgKL45FFZJjX6TdpIw61aZ5C94KqA original http://www.sony.com.tr/discussions/message/1033295
what do you suggest to me for ceiling? thank you
is this for covering ceiling or walls?
thank you brothers i have 2 choices and am stuck: 120inches and 135 inches (we dont have 126 in turkey) and seating distance 14 maybe 15 feet
what do you think about 120inch from 14 feet?
No buddy its just a question sorry for my poor English
Hellothrowing from 14' on a 120" is disturbing? very much bright?
What about the performance of hw50es in an living room? (planning for watching at nights with 1.1 gain elite screen)
Does it support DTS HD-MA, DTS-HD and TrueHD audio codecs in Bluray disc and Mkv?
CWF supports 3d MVC MKV or not? thanks
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