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Hello I am planning to use the 120 Inch screen with Sony HW50ES. Which one performs well? Grandview Prestige Permanent Fixed Frame Projector Screen 16:9 or Elite ezFrame Series Projector Screen 16:9 Thank you and Kind Regards
Hello How can I boost yellow @Sony hw50es? In a review I read The Grandview's big pluses are its 3.2" wide frame, and ease of assembly. Its color tone is somewhat colder than that of the Elite White, and you will need to boost yellow on your projector to compensate for it. Thank you brothers
Great info Laserion btw can you please check your pm box of donanimhaber my buddy
why? doesnt it work with bdp 140? in turkish forums people say yeah it works?
Wanna buy bdp 140 for cwf for different region bluray discs with external subtitles via usb, nice idea? works?
Hello, when u try half-sbs content with mvision glasses can you pls report the difference here?
which program do you use? splash pro player or another?
how is the h-sbs performance? are u happy? some friends wrote its bad
Jason hello what do you prefer for watching ur blurays? Oppo / ps3 or another? I wonder there is an image quality difference oppo vs ps3 about bluray content
I read in some forums some people say they prefer optoma/mvision glassess for reducing ghosting/flickering, is this possible?and also can we get better result in 3d with oppo 103 instead of PS3?
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