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I couldn't agree more. Since hard drive space is so cheap, I store all my audio in flac and convert them to mp3 when needed - like for my daughter's ipod.
The files are saved in a standard MPEG format. MPEG_transport_stream I use HandBrake to convert them to mp4 or mkv files. There is a Windows version of it, but I don't use Windows so there may be other programs that work as well. The TVIX uses a .tp extension, but you can change it to .ts so Windows knows what it is. Again, as a Linux user, audio capture is extremely easy for me using avconv but you'll have to wait for someone else to chime in re. Windows software.
Other than it being expensive, the information about the TViX 6640/6620 is incorrect. It has some issues for sure - hard drive cost is not one of them. Any standard SATA 3.5" hard drive works. So will 2.5" if you have a 3.5" adapter.
Exactly those display options.
Mine does this if I select the "wrong" set of display options for the layout (not at my tvix right now, but the setup option for how the movie, etc., icons are displayed).If I remove the internal hard drive, power on, change the display options back to whatever I had before, power down, re-inset hard drive - it works normal again. I don't know if this applies in your case.Another needlessly annoying quirk.
Regarding my earlier trouble with the disappearing guide: I finally sat down at my TV this weekend and figured it out: DOH! I must have accidentally moved the YEAR when I re-set the time. {SLAPS OWN FOREHEAD} When I entered the ACTUAL date and time, all is well. For the record: I've still never gotten the Automatic clock setting to work so manual is required and - at least here - it makes no difference if you change the clock using the DST setting or just change the hour...
My TViX cannot auto set it's time. I have to change it manually. Using the DST function caused my guide to be an hour off of reality in the past so I stopped using it - I just set the clock to the current time. My ION channels are deleted.
Anyone else lose their guide recently? I changed my time on my TViX after the day light savings switch-over and my entire guide has disappeared. I changed it back and cycled power but it's still gone. Any suggestions? EDIT: To be more precise, my guide exists, there's just no schedule data in the guide.
I would expect an pre-packaged external drive unit to be ready-to-use which would include a file system. My comment about new drives not being partitioned or have file systems referred to bare drives.
I think the terminology hasn't changed to keep up with the change in hard drive technology. In the old days the user could and often did "format" the drive. The controller resided on the motherboard or in a slot-based card and you had that level of access to the drive. Now-a-days, the controllers are built into the drives and that controls the format - or if you prefer to keep things straight - the "low-level" format. The only time in resent history I've made any low...
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