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I just bought a panasonic plasma tv. Im using the tv with max zoom, as suggested ,to break in cells. Ill do this for the first 100/150 hours. My question is, watching the tv with max zoom for the first hours can decrease the quality of the image?.
thanks for this calibration disc i was wondering, would this work if i make an iso and play this throught my laptop to the tv connected in hdmi?.
Thank you. Any help is useful.
Hello, I'm searching for a plasma tv around 50 inches, I really want it to have PVR. I would like to stay below 1000euro anything over that will direct me to samsung ps51d6900, but I don't really need/want a 3D tv and I would prefer to not pay more to get this feature. I have found only some LG tvs, but I don't really like LG tvs and Id prefer samsung/panasonic.
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