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You misunderstood my point. Will you hear the difference from a cheap speaker to a quality one, yes. But will you hear the difference from like a Revel and a Polk? The room will play a big part in how the sound, so it's pointless to buy a set of high-end speakers if you are just going to throw them in a room and play them.
I would stick with the Mezzos they are great speakers. As for the center, run a phantom, you'll be surprised how much it improves it.
Why don't you look at an ID company? Like Ascend, HTD, Aperion, HSU?
I actually prefer the 685s over the 684s.
1. Warranty is over. 2. Warranty was only valid in the USA I don't see any issue.
SACD sampling is 2.824MHz, the Nyquist frequency is 1.412MHz. So even harmonics went that high, SACD would accurately reproduce it.
Not true, as long as the playback device that is being used, then it will downmix it.
Hey everyone, a few days ago my ARC stopped working. I checked all the settings and nothing had changed. I powered off the system and no go. I reset the processor and redid the settings in the receiver and TV and now I'm getting audio, but not the power control. Any ideas?
Have you thought about just a nice 2.1?
It will do one additional zone. As for non-matching subs and speakers causing noise, thats not true. For the speakers, the B&W in wall/ceiling are some of the best I've heard. They will make you want to replace your Energys
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