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For s3D there has been no changes in major features been announced. Maybe some small things but no major news. If Vegas 12 works fine for you, it is up to you to test the trial version and come up with your own decision. I expect that there will be a special promotion again at the beginning of the introduction of the software - what is general the best point in time to purchase the software. I would wait until that announcement takes place (in the past some people has...
I tend to use standard transcend 32gb class 10 cards. Works fine. For the batteries I use the original Panasonic batteries. I have purchased a second one with the camera together, the duration of such a batterie is great. It is hard to use more then one charged batterie on a day. Beside that I have also purchased the Atomos Ninja Blade to record in side-by-side half but with DNxHD or ProRes in 4:2:2. That works fine too with the Z10K - and delivers similar results as the...
No - Vegas Moviestudio is generated by taking versions of Vegas Pro, but they disable some capabilities of the pro version. Means that the other features will be identical with the pro version.Vegas Moviestudio 13 will show the same behaviour as we had it with Vegas Pro 12, in terms of render speed.
Well, both the actual Vegas Pro 12 but also the actual Vegas Moviestudio 13 are capable to edit MVC footage from the Z10K. In terms of the s3D capabilities the difference is small - with Vegas Pro you may have in addition the DVDA that is capable to author 3D-BDs (with 2D menus but the rest is fine). Be aware that the new Vegas Pro 13 will be presented at the NAB.I decided to use the Glidecam HD4000 for the Z10K - what works fine up to 4.5 kg. The Z10K is not so heavy,...
As far as I know, there is no way to pair L and R in the PD. That is not foreseen in that small software. Vegas is a good choice for your purpose - but I would wait to purchase it. At the NAB they will present Vegas Pro 13 - I would try to purchase an older version of Vegas Pro (maybe 8, 10, 11) and upgrade to Vegas Pro 13 when it is launched. Another option is to purchase the now existing Vegas Moviestudio 13. For s3D it has the same features that Vegas Pro 12 has.
Vegas Movie Studio 13 does exactly the same as Vegas Pro - it generates an MVC-based 3D-Blu-ray if you make an s3D output from the timeline using the Sony AVC encoder. Means you are limited to 720 50p/60p or 1080 24p. side-by-side is possible too.
You should train yourself how to adjust the convergence in the postproduction. That is something that can be done at the shooting, but it can also be done in the postproduction. I tend to shoot with parallel axis (so C = 99 with the Z10K), and make the adjustment in the postproduction. That is the most flexible way - to my opinion. By the way, there is an old formula for s3D: "high contrast + high disparity = ghosting = headache" Maybe that is what you have seen here.
I never have heared that sombody gets headache due to a smaller IO. To my opinion that is simply the wrong finding. Headache is driven by some other errors - geometrics errors or a huge disparity in the far or near point. So I would ask what kind of convergence settings were used when shooting with the Z10K? And if the disparity was edited in an NLE that is capable to do that - like Edius or Vegas.
When I run in the situation that I have to mix 1080 50i footage from my TD10-units with Z10K footage I always set the Z10K to 1080 50i too - to avoid the situation that I have to mix up footage with different frame rates. I think for 1080 60i it is even worser - since for 50i I could convert the footage be deinterlacing and stretching in a perfect way to 24p, but with 60i you can render the footage only to 24p (and we know that this will not be perfect).
I cannot say anything about your Benq projectors. But I know that my Panasonic 3D-HDTV can handle 1080 50i footage from the TD10 without any issue.
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