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Hi, You can install RAID0 or RAID1 on your HTPC Z565 with 2 HDD 2.5". RAID5 and RAID10 with 4 HDD, the bios can do it. Boot and press F1, select RAID (Advanced, SATA Mode) Boot again, CTRL I, option RAID to become visible. Create RAID Volume, Name the RAID (RAIDZ565), Raid Level 0, Strip Size 128KB, Capacity 931.5GB Create Volume Now, you can reboot HTPC and install Windows Vista or Seven. Best regards Pascal+
Hi every people, You can see two pictures on french forum page 74 for peoples interesting. http://www.homecinema-fr.com/forum/v...287&start=1095 Soon, how to install Raid on your HTPC z565. Best regards
Hi Axatax, Thanks for drivers, I need Intel Matrix Storage Manager, Intel Chipset Device Software and Away Mode System (NVIDIA). The last driver is unknow when you install Vista or Seven. No need Intel Quick Resume for Vista and Seven. Others drivers are easy to install with internet and CD. You can install Intel Viiv only with Vista for files LAN, ffdshow and CoreAVC 3.0 for best pictures vidéo. I don't know original driver, this model is only sold to...
Hi kwgleuy07 Sorry, but I never disassembled wireless keyboard z553. You have a z565, can you tell me if Stockage Intel Rapid is a driver for this machine ? It's possible for you to send me a copy original dvd install or just CD drivers ? Sorry for bad english. Best regards
Hi, i'm a new member Is the raid run correctly on z565 with two 2.5" DD ? Option exist bios. I'm on french forum for z553.fr upgraded z565. See 71 to 74 pages: http://www.homecinema-fr.com/forum/v...287&start=1050 Best regards
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