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That guy could be right. If it's a mess for everyone who watches on every source it's gotta either be the TV, glasses, or player. You can't all be nuts lol. Like I said we never have a problem and have watched probalby 15 movies on a Samsung player from Costco.
Buy a better TV. Our eyes never hurt on anything we've watched.
The advantage is that by the time you need a new TV to replace this one there will be a lot of 4K content to show on it. And some people think that the current content looks better on a 4K. I doubt there will be any TV stations showing it but new movie discs may get it, sort of like 3D discs now.
They look fine to me lol. Well you're in luck, they quit selling the E8000 series a long time ago.
No I never said ISP are charging Netflix and other content providers, I said they WANT to. Because as streaming of movies increases their bandwidth will be stressed and (according to them of course) increasing the bandwidth capacity is expensive. I guess they could just cap a person's use and shut it off. Then you go to the video rental store for the rest of the month!
Man, that is a horrible picture. I wouldn't put up with that for 10 minutes. Why didn't you get rid of it under warranty when you saw that? I've never seen any of that on mine.
This is getting to be a problem, the bandwidth of cable providers sucked up by people streaming Netflix content. The ISP providers want those like Netflix to pay them. They said that 1% of the users utilize 60% of the bandwidth now. Improving the infrastructure is quite expensive. They talk of doing like cell providers, limiting your data and charging for more. I could see that happening at some point.
Same reason Apple quit putting disc drives on their laptops and computers, and quit making CD discs of their operating systems. When the discs get out there people copy them and rip them to their hard drives. When you stream and download content they have control of it totally.
I did that monthly thing for awhile but I ran out of good 3D movies to rent, and I can get 2D blurays down the street for a buck, so I just do ala carte now. Like I said I was impressed with the VuDu download rental, I'd not used them before, only iTunes. My set is excellent for 3D after I calibrated it.
New Posts  All Forums: