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When I had the Echo, I also used a Harmony One remote set for WMC PC. From what I remember, the Echo IR response was poor to begin with so that may be the issue with your current remote.
How much storage do you have? 30TB How much storage do you want ideally ? No additional storage. How much storage do you expect to have over the next few years? 5 years to get to 50% capacity. At that point I would want to expand. Is your current storage strategy and solution going to hold up for the next 24-36 months do you think ? Yes. What do you currently use? What do you like about it? Synology DS1813+ 8 x 4TB in RAID-6 Seagate NAS as primary (VMware datastore,...
I'm trying to understand the size of your home environment. I consider my home network fairly large for residential, especially since I run a 3 node ESXi cluster on top of everything else. My network has two levels of trust between VPN and LAN. I played with VPN, LAN, WLAN as well. The issue most would face on this message board is forwarding UPnP to keep devices connected for media services. IMHO, UPnP forwarding degrades routing performance unnecessarily. I'd rather...
I have an Intel NUC i5 DC53427HYE and get similar speeds with the latest nightly build and Intel QuickSync encoding.I modify the Apple TV3 setting to x264 profile 4.1 and then move the CQ slider over two notches to 18 from 20.
The Ivy Bridge Intel NUCs look like any other black hockey puck media streamer. The build quality is amazing. They are also very fast. I've used the NUC DC53427HYE for XBMC and Plex Media Server with Windows 8.1 Pro and Windows Server 2012 R2 respectively. With these OSes the boot time with an inexpensive Samsung EVO4 is faster than most modern TV's. However, the energy consumption is low enough that you don't have to worry about powering it off. Of course, since...
Recently went headless and clustered all the standalone HTPCs using VMware with Apple TV3s as the front end. So my compute is Intel Ivy Bridge.
Right now I use Plex Media Server and Plexconnect for whole family server-client model. Plexconnect is fantastic with Apple TV3. WAF factor went way up after moving from XBMC Intel NUCs (which now make up the vSphere Cluster). I ended up with XBMC Intel NUCs because of the failed Ceton Echo and WMC. After that TV went to Tivo. XBMC sure looked better than Plexconnect on the AppleTV. I was using Xperience1080. The problem was resuming from sleep was too complicated...
Clarification for DVDFab users: -Bad Grandpa has English subtitles marked forced on the first English track. -Runner Runner has English subtitles on a separate track not marked forced on the second English track. Different font from general subs.
I long since left Ceton due to stability issues with both the Echo and InfiniTV6 ETH. However, I found that setting DHCP Reservation based on MAC address AND turning off STP on switches helped the Echo recover faster.
Okay, Airplay is working fine now. Just rescanned the Music file and disabled auto scan to see if that is causing the songs to disappear.
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