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Still no luck getting 3D playback working. :banghead: There is also no option to enable 3D on the Nvidia control panel- not sure if there works be? Has anybody gotten a 3D iso to play in 3D from their MacBook Pro to a Samsung 3D TV?
It also doesn't work if I connect directly to the TV. The mac has a Nvidia GT650m so it is HDMI 1.4.
I didn't see an option for that. Will have another look.
I am at my wits end after trying everything I can think of to get my 3D .ISOs to play in 3D on my TV from my retina macbook pro. I am running Windows 7 through bootcamp and using PowerDVD 12. My Macbook Pro is connected to my AVR which is an Onkyo HT-R548 which connects to my Samsung ES7500 TV. I can play 3D .ISOs just fine using the same setup with my PC instead of the MBP so there is definitely nothing wrong with my HDMI cables. I have run 'Cyberlink Blu-Ray Disc and 3D...
Can you get the TV working long enough to do a firmware update? Just an idea.
All 2011 3D TVs can play any SBS video file regardless of the file's codec in 3D. As long as your dvd/blu-ray player or htpc can play the file. An SBS file uses normal codecs like any regular mkv or avi etc. You just turn on the 3D function on your TV and set it to SBS. I wouldnt suggest watching SBS 3D at normal DVD resolution on an a big LED TV. SBS effectively halves the video quality and would look terrible. Just stick with MKV or other high res videos.
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