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Even more so is the strong likelihood that XP machines have had numerous security holes that were not being exploited until a few days ago - when support ended. I've been telling people that any XP machine still connected to the Internet after April 7 should be assumed compromised. It's just not worth the risk.
MB 3 is completely different from 2.x. You have to run the MB 3 server software to utilize any MB 3 clients.
Presumably you're being sarcastic. What's sad is that a large number of people actually agree with what you just said.
No, because people would still want to know why their 6TB drive was showing up as 6,144GB or 6,291,456MB. The average consumer does not understand powers of 2, and would just get confused by it. The reasons the unit changeover started may possibly have been because of manufacturers wanting to make drives sound larger than they were, but the fact is that the difference confuses the average person. Using powers of 10 is much, much easier to understand for these people.
Going from SSD to SSD will probably be OK, since these should all use the same alignment. HDD->SSD (or vice versa) is where a lot of problems occur. Still, it's worthwhile to backup your configuration/data in case the imaging process doesn't work and you need to reinstall.
Let me rephrase. Elsewhere in the world, giga means 1,000^3. Tera means 1,000^4, etc.
This is pretty much the root of the issue - Microsoft has not updated Windows to accurately reflect the change to SI units. If they had, then very few people would ever have known about the difference.The reason for the change is that every other non-PC unit of measurement that utilized standard prefixes worked in powers of 10, not powers of 2. Anywhere else in the world, Mega means million, Giga means billion, Tera means trillion, etc. Computer memory and storage...
Very important point. Given that Cox flags content for Copy Once in most markets, they might well do so in the future, rendering your investment wasted
Any controller that can handle drives larger than 2TB should be fine for the 6TB drives.
I believe OP meant "copy once", not encrypted. They are already using the HDHRPrime, and Cox flags almost all channels.
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