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Great! It is definitely worth it if your schedule allows for the DIY route. Have fun... and be sure not to cut those holes too big for the outlet boxes. My goodness, that was one mistake made on this job I had to repair many outlets.
How do I do the initial pairing, if I am using IRule with an Global Cache iTach IP2IR and do not have a harmony remote?
I did a home theater project and have 3, 5 gallon pails of green glue left over. I will sell for 175 each. They are brand new, in the sealed box. Rather than pay shipping to return them, I decided to list them. You can pick them up from me today for your sound proofing project. If you buy all three, I will throw in the applicator guns (two) as well. They sell for 50 dollars a piece normally. I am located North of Portland near Kalama WA.
I am happy to say the job is wrapped up. Here are some final pics. If you are a home theater person, this is a good group of guys to work with and they will get the details right. To recap, we did the double drywall with GG and Sound Caulk between joists, double drywall with channel and whisper clips and green glue on the ceiling, and double drywall + green glue on the walls. It was quite the install! Jeremy PS: The walls are only primered in this shot, so...
And I forgot to mention, it is about an 800 sq ft basement with soffits, some built ins, a bathroom etc. High bids were over 10,000, Turcios will come out to about 7-8,000 when complete. There were other bids equivalent to Turcios but I found these guys excellent to work with.
Sure, no problem. For the double drywall on walls, green glue + DD and clips/channel on ceiling they bid it at 2500 for labor. The DD + GG between the joists we did as time and materials. Since neither of us had any idea how long it would take. It was spendy, about 1400 bucks in the end as it was a tremendous amount of labor. So if you did all the work yourself, you are saving allot of money, around 4 grand. However, this would have extended our project out to 2015...
I wanted to take a few minutes to recommend these guys if you live in the Portland area. I am up in Kelso, they travel around. Turcios Drywall (360) 771-0912 I had 5 bids. Dave and Jose from Turcios were willing to work with me to install things the right way, the way described in these forums. Several other companies wanted to do it their way or their prices were prohibitive. The best part is, the guys that came to the bid are the guys doing the install. No...
New Posts  All Forums: