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Good deal. You will love the Alpha machine. I'm hoping in a year or two to upgrade to a new PRS type machine like the one you quoted. From the price list sheet, aside from shipping there shouldn't be more than a ~1500 dollar difference to go to the 60x96.
Jim - Isn't it about time you venture into the DIY arena?
David - you are correct. Take a look here to see the impact of material density and thickness vs. frequency band absorption. http://www.bobgolds.com/AbsorptionCoefficients.htmhttp://ethanwiner.com/density.html
Raymond - send me some info of what you want to do. Size/dimensions, wood/frame type, etc. We could get something whipped up in no time.
Dave - see here:http://www.shopbottools.com/PriceList.pdfVarious indexing heads are available. I've not kept up with the differences of each of those, but I'd love to add one at some point.Also - IF I were buying new, I would strongly consider going to a 60x96 table to accommodate 5x5 sheets of birch and/or 5x8 sheets of MDF. Price difference is marginal at that point, although not sure what shipping would be in that case for you.
Woot! Keeping them in the family.
Going to Gooddoc??
Awesome! A brand new PRS machine, I am jealous. What option(s) are you looking at? How bad is shipping to send a bot over there?
John - Great suggestion, that's a very cool site. Also worth noting that was developed by the shopbot guys. Yes, I am a fanboy. Tom - Haha, my kitchen table is also my primary design space. +1 on using Vectric's software over anything else. For the guys considering, download the trial here and check out a few tutorials. The new 'bots come with this included:http://www.vectric.com/products/vcp/trial.html
As far as room you really only "need" a foot or two on each side of the machine as well as space for loading sheet goods or whatever you plan to cut. As you're probably seen from their site, the 4x8 bots are about 6' wide x 10' long in footprint.CAD - The learning curve will vary quite a bit depending on which software package you choose. You can start with something as simple as google sketchup and work your way to an Autodesk or Solidworks. It's quite different from...
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