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Absolutely I would be willing to help out, just let me know what questions you have. I have the previous generation PRT Alpha 48x96. I've had mine since only February and so far have made a bunch of items for the machine and setting it up (computer stand/shelves/vacuum pump enclosure/VFD stand). I have a bunch of other things drawn up including some subwoofer/speaker designs, but haven't had as much free time as I would have liked to cut them all yet. Lots more in the...
Dave - you are right the probotix aren't quite as heavy duty as the other two brands mentioned, but would still be cool for weekend use. If your budget allows though, I would go for the shopbot or camaster. Both of those will hold resale value very well. I for one really like the shopbot control software and the many options and configurations available. I'd imagine the camaster would be nice as well.
C'mon man...if you have hate in your heart just let it out!
Dave - Here is a link to the shopbot main page: http://www.shopbottools.com/ They make tools for different sized applications starting with the Desktop and all the way up to very large custom sized machines as you will see. The majority of their tools are designed to run every day for several hour runs. They aren't your 150K 'big iron' 24 hour/day 4000lb manufacturing machines, but they will certainly be more than overkill for a hobbyist or a small production shop...
I was looking at the 24x36 model here:http://www.generalcnc.ca/40_946_icarverIs there another or smaller version maybe?I always liked the looks and features of the digirout stuff, but I had heard the same in terms of customer service, etc. Maybe it was your post I was reading over at CNCzone? Glad it worked out for you! And definitely +1 on the 3 phase spindle if you have a choice.
If you have another suggestion to make 16 drivers fit with my center channel behind my screen with that orientation I'm listening. Working space (for best acoustics) is 63" wide, 94" tall, and 40" deep.
Sorry - realized my original post was missing the front baffles. To repeat, here is a rough cut sheet of what is required to build. I could even cut something similar for a local guy on the machine. Edit - Found a more efficient way..
Haha, thanks Mark but I wouldn't say it's anything "astounding" or even close yet. Still a lot of work and improvements to get to that point. Been playing with some concepts for some new DO boxes behind my screen. Looking at 21"w, 22"h, 38" deep. Here are some mockups and different views:
Potential dates? What kind of electrical service do they have?
You have a point here, sir. I think having a GTG every few months really helps build motivation/interest.
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