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Setting up
Sale pending on subs and amplifier....
Yeah man, they are huge.....but so is the low end output. Yes sir! Picked them up early January prior to the GTG. They are awesome subs indeed, but with the new machine would like to make room for some projects. The wife won't let me keep everything - rightfully so.
B - I am hoping we have a bit of time to play around in Asheville on Friday - YUM! http://www.exploreasheville.com/foodtopia/beer-breweries/
Jake and I should be leaving my place around 6PM-ish tomorrow night to head down to the ULF-tard land. As Austin says we'll be leaving at the CRACK on Friday moanin' or more accurately late Thursday night. I'm bringing my laptop and one of my Peavey IPRs along to play with.Man, tell me about it. I'm actually glad we've been super busy this morning so far to distract me a bit.
Great work Mr. B! Can't wait to check it out in just a few short hours.
Should we start to ice down the high life for you?
I will bring mine and I've already got the 10x10 plugin. Let me know man.
59.5 x 44 x 16 inches, 285 lbs each. Not sure about the minivan, height may be an issue.
I think it's time to saddle up, Jim.
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