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Sadly, that is all very accurate, LOL!!Nice work man.
The Dayton 18s are one of my favorite sounding subs - they have a super deep, articulate tone. The SI 18's are very similar as well. Props on a build well done. You've got a heck of a lot more patience during the finishing process than I do.
My basement is going to look like a NASA command center with all the measurement gear and laptops.
John - You are welcome to bring them to do direct A/B comparisons with some of the other stuff that will be there. How many chances will you get to hear your speakers back to back with all of these in the lineup? No worries either way though, we've got plenty on tap.Straight sausage fest...my wife was smart enough to get the hell out of town at lunchtime tomorrow, lol.
It's only going to be worse this time. Dude, I have a feeling there will NOT be any shortage in brew variety. We thank you for your contributions. Thanks Jim! 27 heads, sounds like a party to me. Hell of a selection right there. 2 Cat 8's should be fine since the majority of the stuff we have is in pairs anyway. Listening level we can decide tomorrow.You will be missed at this one, my man. We'll share as many details as we can though to keep you in the loop. LOL @...
Marty - the FRD and ZRD files are frequency response (including phase) and driver impedance, respectively. They contain data points for each frequency level that would plug into a tool like PCD to help simulate system response based on crossover changes.Typically by measuring both on and off-axis response of a woofer, one can determine a proper crossover point target.
+1!Are your arrays one of the current kits?http://www.selahaudio.com/id268.html
Scott - I will have a build thread up soon with details. I've kind of collected info from a bunch of threads on here as well as Seymour's site. The hardest part is deciding what you want to do and how to do it - so many options!Beast - tuxedocivic has a great thread in the DIY screen section with measurements of many types of materials. Definitely worth checking out.http://www.avsforum.com/t/1454505/acoustic-transparency-of-spandex-the-truth
Spectacular. Oh, and more beer pics!
I have a second access point - don't remember when I added it but the range didn't extend across the basement without it. It's a bit of an area to cover for one network. I have 25M down and 20M up so I don't know why it would be an issue otherwise.
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