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Thanks Jim, go ahead and send out invites to the others. You can add 351Carlo (Carlo) and Reefdvr23 (Dave) to the list as well.
Here is who I have for dinner on Friday: Gorilla83 351Carlo Popalock Beastaudio Sibuna (+2?) mhrischuk ironhead Seanile RX-8 Chopshop Rush2049 Missing anyone?? Mike - We should have a few people around 3-4. Give me a shout around then and we'll figure it out.
In reality the difference between the two is not likely anything substantial - especially when running with some capable subs. I'm expecting overall tone to be VERY similar, especially considering they both use the same CD.Is it Friday yet??????
I'm thinking since we have such similar setups we can leave one with subs and one without? Essentially on paper they are very close and I bet they sound nearly identical - I went with the 15s solely because of the slightly better power handling. I know I can get frisky with the volume at times. I'm also willing to set up a room upstairs in the event someone wants to listen to a setup again outside of the normal lineup.
^Yes, the difference would be the subs would be turned off. I see your point though, it would be shameful to handicap some very capable setups by crossing them at 80hz. I was/am torn between full range vs. with subs for both the Sentinels and the Yorks. Maybe we can do some testing on Friday night to finalize. As for dinner there is also one other local choice - Duffers Pub. Upside is they have good food and it's typically not super crowded. Downside is I don't...
I've been thinking about the food situation. This will depend on what time everyone wants to do dinner. I was thinking around 7PM or so to allow everyone time to get ready and come over. The downside to that time is that most of the popular places around here are very crowded at that time on a Friday night. At this point it's looking like we'll have 8-10 people or so on Friday.A few local popular choices:Buffalo Wild WingsPJ Wheelihans (sports bar/pub)Texas...
Couple updates: wkingincharge cannot make it so one more spot open! Reefdvr27 is coming to pick up his Noesis set from Jeff so he will be attending. I have to confirm but he had interest in bringing his Monitor Audio RX8s along as well. Jim - I talked to ironhead (Mike) via PM, he will be around early afternoon on Friday. Beast has confirmed he is bringing the LS6's!!! Weather update shows a high of 61 and sunny for Saturday. Updated list - Full Range ARX A5...
I'm not sure why it would take so long to obtain - I ordered my material (XD) from Seymour last Tuesday and got it on Thursday. And that was a custom, tilted cut, spec'd out for me. Man, I feel fortunate my Jamestown screen only took 6 weeks to arrive, haha. I've built my own frame now - I didn't really save much in terms of cost, but at least it can go together in a few days.
Good deal! Where are you located for those interested?
I have a pair of Epik empires for sale in great shape. These were used in my living room setup very infrequently. Selling to help recover some costs spent in the basement theater. Both amps were updated to the latest version which have run very cool with no issues or hum, etc. One small flaw - one of the RCA inputs has a pin stuck inside it that broke off from a cheap monoprice cable. No worries though, there are 3 other alternate inputs (XLR and RCA) on that amp....
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