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Yeah... to be honest I'm not clear on what we're supposed to be getting out of the in room videos anyway. Matt's videos from 1/4 mile away I get to some degree, because to still be clear at that kind of distance proves that a speaker is playing VERY loudly, cleanly. But in a room? I guess I just don't know what it's demonstrating.
I care. So let's hear it!
Well, there goes my afternoon. I'll be off learning about cardioid loading. Looks really interesting. Thanks for sharing Ryan!
Check out Dredd and The Art of Flight.
I think you have to ask yourself why you want to use the bigger waveguide in the first place. The idea of going to a larger waveguide isn't just a "bigger=better" thing. The reason to use a larger waveguide is that it controls directivity lower, thereby allowing a lower crossover point. To put a bigger waveguide on a speaker design that was limited to a high crossover point isn't getting the advantages of that larger waveguide. And at the same time, when you go to that...
Ha! No worries. This thread spends more time off topic than on. I and many others that frequent this thread are happy to see the update to your methodology, and I would have missed it if you hadn't posted here.
What an interesting rabbit hole this seems to be. The site you linked seems to say exactly the same thing I did. The first google result from the search you suggested is an AVS discussion claiming blu-rays use top/bottom stacking, resulting in a 1920x2205 sized image. And the first non-AVS google result claimed blurays use a standard image size with doubled frame rate.Regardless, my feeling is that we've taken this thread off topic long enough. It's an interesting topic,...
JPC, I'll admit it: You made my heart rate jump up a few ticks.
If you're up for a little more construction, you might take a look at what Nils (FoLLgoTT) did to get tactile response in his room. He did some pretty impressive work. He took it beyond a quest for "more" and went for even frequency response. This approach runs minimal risk of messing up the planar wave and doesn't add any more energy (SPL) to the room. And best of all, it didn't look terribly expensive. It could probably be funded with the money from selling off those...
Do you have any references I could check out? I did some quick searching this morning after seeing your post and didn't come up with much one way or the other. If I had it wrong, I'll go edit my post to make that clear. I hate spreading misinformation.Though immaterial to this discussion, you've also got me trying to think back to what I saw that convinced me it was side by side on a Blu-ray.
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