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Can confirm that the vibration is definitely present in the start of the film. Then subsides as you jump to later scene selections.I get the vibration in the beginning of the 2nd disc also.Picture quality appears fine -great actually on my Samsung D7000.Not sure if it's a big issue -my concern is that this mechanical vibration can damage the player.
I have it in 3D -will try it out asap. What do you mean by "vibration"? The picture vibrates? You notice it right from the beginning?
Wait until you see Life of Pi -right up there with Avatar.
Well it states "2011 model Firmware for self-upgrade", whatever that means. You go ahead and load it first and report back to us
FWIW here's mine. Can barely see the 590.
Ummmm...I think you need a bigger boa....er...I mean cabinet...lol
FWIW I can't really complain about using the MyHarmony -pretty easy to use. I did use the software for a bit and ended up going back to the MyHarmony.
1. I have a Samsung TV also and although I use the soft keys for the functions you mention I don't see why you couldn't assign those functions to the Hard red, green, yellow, blue buttons on the 650. 2. Don't know about the soundbar.
I agree. Replaced a Samsung with a S590.
Well if the 590 is on a different TV input then I would think the settings do have to be changed.I curious though, why get a BD player when you have the PS3?
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