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HLWL.... you can find the signal meter under the product support menu then under signal diagnostics.
JohnnyG.... I returned mine because I was just not pleased with the PQ of HD broadcasts via the tuner.
Dan007... the content is 1080i or 720p using the internal HDTV tuner, which provides the best quality broadcast available... better than satellite or cable. Mtrot..... I sit 10 feet away and the difference is not subtle, but significant.
I've returned my w900a. I had it for two weeks trying to get it just right. When watching OTA tv either 720p or 1080i the picture just did not look super sharp. I thought perhaps it was just my eyes playing tricks on me. So I finally brought up my old lower end LG CS570 and hooked it up side by side playing the same channels. I was instantly struck by how much sharper and crisp the LG was. In order to match the sharpness I had to turn up reality creation to max, sharpness...
I've had this w900a for a over week now, before this I had bought a Samsung F7100 that I returned. Last year I had an HX850 that I also returned. I also bought and kept a lower tier LG TV. The F7100 I returned because the colors just did not pop as much a I was hoping even after a week of trying to get it right. Also if you are like me and watch OTA broadcasts then the F7100 is not for you. There is no add digital channels or manual adding digital channels only full auto...
Ive read through all 60 pages of this forum and there is no mention of how off the blues are..... they are all skewed towards purple. When hooking my 4 year old 46W5100 side by side it is very obvious. There is no way around it that I can find. All I am seeing is purple .... I'm longing for some real blue. Flash lighting, banding, black levels, motion blur don't really matter if the colour is off. Also to get any kind of reasonable sharpness on broadcast HDTV Reality...
Joe you should be able to receive global channel 27 from just north of Cobourg if you do not have any large hills or obstructions between you and the lake. Global 27 puts out a strong signal. Peterborough's CBC affiliate CHEX is on channel 12 and is going digital at the beginning of May. Also CKWS channel 11 in Kingston is going digital on April 22. You can also try for CKWS 30.1 from Brighton, ON directly across the lake, but it is a fairly weak signal. A CM4228HD...
Does anyone know what happened to WHSH-LP (Shopping Channel) on analogue 36? Did they go digital on RF8 or are they done?
Watching 8.1 WROC in HD right now....... Scott Hesko's weather in HD.... awesome!!! WHEC has got to get with the game.
I just wish someone knew. There is no way that a 15kw ND signal a mere 58 miles away would rarely ever reach me. I often get low power stations from Syracuse and Buffalo much farther away with weaker power.
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