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Thanks for the input SRTer. The Receiver + Amp combination seems to be a good fit, but depending on how much an amp will cost me, I might just go for the FXi A6 surround speakers. I'm leaning towards the Onkyo 709, as suggested by Teseract, since it looks like I can pick it up for under $600. It'll be my first set of HT speakers anyhow, best to leave room for (affordable) upgrades.
Thanks for the tip Teseract! I did look at the Pro 600 and but its quite a bit more than the 500 so i decided to go for the more affordable alternative. I'll look around a bit to see what other subs I can find in the similar price range. Are you running Rti12's all around? I had considered the FXi A6 surrounds. Sounds like 4 A7's might be overkill for me if it'll compensate for a subwoofer even.
Hi all, Been thinking about picking up my first set of Polk speakers, and I currently have my eyes set on the Rti A7 series. The size of the room is 15'x14' and its primary purpose will be for movie watching and video games. I was thinking of running a 5.1 set up with 4 tower speakers, CSI A6 as center and the DSW Pro 500 as the subwoofer. I've yet to decide on a receiver, but i'm currently looking at the Onkyo nr609, Denon 1912/2112 and Yamaha RX-V867. Just wanted to...
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