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I have a friend in the Netherlands who just bought this TV http://www.plattetvdiscounter.nl/product/panasonic-txp50gt50/ and was wondering would these Panasonic glasses from the US work on the TV mentioned above. http://www.amazon.com/Panasonic-TY-ER3D4MU-Active-Shutter-Eyewear/dp/B007EHI1DK Was also wondering, has anybody used the TV for 3D PC gaming and is it any good? Thanks for any help, PEACE
I have the Samsung HL61A750 and an HTPC with Nvidia GPU and 3D vision kit, all have to do is load a game up and works perfect (in checkerboard ) no need for 3Dtv play or anything else, just the latest NVidia drivers. when you install the drivers run through the 3D set-up it might not let you pick your DLP for your display but pick red and cyan as your viewing mode, that's ok just continue with set-up, when its done go to your desktop right click select NVidia control panel...
I also have the Samsung 61A750 and for my pc games and movies I have to use mode 1 and my 360 and cable I have to use mode 2 which run through the adapter. Good luck peace
I want to say thanks for the help everything worked great after I did what you said. Every game should be done this way( the 3D looks almost as good as my pc games). One ? When I hit info on the remote my tv says 1920x1080p@60 is this game running at that or is is being split and the tv just says that cause Halo (and Avatar) plays and looks flawless. Thanks again peace.
I'm trying to get Halo to play in 3D using a Samsung 61A750 DLP using a Mits 3D1 converter I keep getting 3D tv not detected make sure widescreen is selected in system settings. I can play COD Black Ops fine. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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