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Listen to Gusgus and Denass. They are very active on this board and they actually KNOW what they're talking about and won't BS you. Avoid Micca/Himedia product at all cost. They are the exact same product. Himedia makes these devices for Micca. Therefore, all firmware supports come from Himedia. Micca is completely useless when it come to fixes and firmware. I have both the EP600 and EP950. Many random crashes/reboots, stutter issues, etc. The presence of Jack@Micca...
hi guys, what is "Live Plus" in the new firmware?
my biggest contribution is calling you out for your false information and total BS
of course, it does not work because the fool does not know what he's talking abouthe doesn't test anything before he postsall he does is do a quick google search and paste it herenow, he's telling you to disable shell hardware detection altogether to by-pass the "scan and fix"it's the equivalent of disabling the smoke/fire alarm permanently because you don't like that beeping sound it makeswhat an idiot
Jack@Micca, Can you tell me why the "scan and fix" problem is still not fixed? I reported this bug almost a year ago and have been waiting for a fix since.
wouldn't surprise me one bit if he's a micca's minion at work trying to generate sales
tell me, what music player on earth does not do continuos playback? even the gramaphone does it
the question was not whether flac playback is supported or not
No, there is NO gapless playback for music.
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