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If you want to go large, then you need a screen with some gain. Get a screen with true 1.3 gain (not manufacturer's gain rating) and you would be able to go 150" or even 160" if you do not have to have bright 3D.
Sorry, I only responded because your post, said the problem still exists. The problem discussion in this thread is about optical block. Optical block problems are just about extinct, since the RS40.
Has PC ever said anything negative about any Panasonic? I still remember their review comparing the Sony HW30ES to the Panny 7000. In that review they stated the lower lumen output of the Panny could be an advantage since the Sony might be too bright to use in a dark room. Yeah right.
Sorry, I was on hold with Sony support (twice, for over an hour the second time) when typing those posts. Yes, divide screen width by 1.78 to get the 16:9 height of the screen. Sorry about that. Gave up on reaching Sony support today.
Never post while listening to elevator music.
Look at the Sony B-stocks we have available.Sony VWPro1 or Sony HW15. Call us for pricing.
What size screen and throw distance? If the throw is okay for the FireHawk, then I would probably lean that way, because of the white ceiling, light colored carpet and reflective speakers/subs. If we can help you, give us a call.
The following all use the same housing:RS40,50 & 60RS45, 4800, 55 & 65RS46, 48, 56 & 66RS46, 49, 57 & 67
It started off with a higher MSRP.
And yet even with these little issues, people are talking about the image these units throw, being better than anything else they have seen at this price point. Has even been compared to projectors costing more and competing well. As long as it has enough lumens to light up your screen, you will be hard pressed to find anything better.
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