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Thank you.
Depth is listed as 24.1 cm, about 9.5". Do you think that could be wrong? http://www.istonline.ca/mach5_uxl_18.html
My boxes are built shallow depth to fit under my curved AT screen. The 12" deep boxes are flush with my screen. The SP4 will not fit. Neither will the Z4v. UXL-18, SI-18 and IXL-18 fit. I had my pair of SI-18's in these boxes and then built a dual opposed box for the SI-18's. Currently have my pair of TD18H+ drivers in these boxes right under my mains as a 3-way using the 10x10HD for crossover. Going to move the pair of TD18H+ behind my screen, right above the SEOS-12...
I keep looking at what is available in 18's right now, that would work in some 4.2 CF sealed boxes I have and I just don't see anything available, that I want. Would pair them with an iNuke 6000 that I have. If the UXL-18's were available, I would probably order them. Though I do prefer rubber surround.
Would not be the first time that calculator was wrong. Already has the foot lamberts wrong, when using the 600
11' wide screen, minimum throw distance is slightly over 15'-3"The formula for minimum throw is L=1.217856 x D (16:9 diagonal)-1.7084This is using the 1.78 size of the chip.If you use the full width of the chip and have a 2.35 screen, then it is slightly under 14'-3"The formula is L=1.205377 x D (2.35 diagonal) - 1.7084
You should be fine, as long as you do not mind using high lamp and you short throw mount the projector.
A Denon 4311 can't drive an 84 db, 1W/1M speaker to reference level unless you are only listening from 3' or less and only powering two speakers. Not putting down the AVR, I own it.
Then you might want to consider the Sony HW55ES. It is as quiet or quieter in high lamp than the Epson is in low lamp. You do give up some lumens in 3D mode, but gain lumens in 2D calibrated mode.
Keep in mind, I still think some of these issues are system specific related. As in equipment in the chain, cables used and settings. Turn off Deep Color and turn of 4K upscaling in all pieces of equipment is a good place to start.
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