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You beat me too it.
I agree and this is why all along, I have said, 4K from JVC could be iffy for this fall.
I think people keep overlooking that JVC could always add HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 to a 1080P E-shift projector and play 4K BD's. That is my guess for JVC this fall. Still could have a 4K projector for top of the line, but that is out of character for JVC, since they share parts from top to bottom of the line.
If you are not in a Magnolia store, they will most likely not know anything about projectors. At least that has been my finding from the 20 or so I have been in.
Thanks guys.
Sent you a PM.
For those that have an older Oppo, (93/95) if you have the latest firmware, make sure Deep Color is off and 4K scaling in AVR is off. If you do that and do not have an unusually long cable, you should be okay. I am getting reports of no issues with an Oppo 93 being tested in this manner.
No special bat phone for us.
I agree, the JVC's throw a wonderful image. I have a JVC, but I also have a Sony also.
If you want to go large, then you need a screen with some gain. Get a screen with true 1.3 gain (not manufacturer's gain rating) and you would be able to go 150" or even 160" if you do not have to have bright 3D.
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