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You still have to do a few things, as in get the projector in the best calibration mode, set contrast and set brightness, but other than that yes.
The Radiance will do a better job of upscaling anything that is not 1080P. The Radiance CMS is mathematically correct. I don't think any of the projectors are mathematically correct. With meter and software, you can also do auto-calibration.
Max of 900 lumens, calibrated, short throw and high lamp.
I gave you the lumens numbers for calibrated in best image mode, high lamp. You can put the Epson in living room mode and get around 1,200 lumens.
As far as I know, that is correct.
3-chip DLP, but not at your budget.
Did you read his post. His problem was not optical block.
I would get another RS4800 and use a triple stack if you need more brightness. I would also get a device like this: http://airflex5d.com/products To help line them up. I would probably run two for 16:9 and three for 2.35
If going that large, then I would go with a screen that has 1.3 gain or higher. Give us a call, if you would like to discuss.
And a good way to void a warranty.
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