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First an Epson in calibrated best image mode (high lamp) is around 644 lumens, not 1,200. You have to be in high lamp, living room mode with the Epson to get 1,200 lumens. Also the Epson in high lamp is louder than the JVC in high lamp. Here is a review listing the lumens: http://www.projectorreviews.com/epson/epson-home-cinema-5030ub-performance-1/#brightness
That it not the mount that people recommend for the JVC. The recommended mount is the RPA281 or the RPMA281.
The JVC is not very loud in high lamp. Much better than it was last year.
I think that would be good, but live with the image a while. If you have the room, I think you will end up with a larger screen.
Good, another one done.
In my opinion, the JVC is not bright enough, using that size and gain screen in that room.
Correct. I don't know of a single woven AT screen with actual gain above 1.0.
Happy to help you.
The theater is real.
Sent you a PM.
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